A Vital Tool for Catholic Men

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"I am grateful to Anthony for providing a high-quality guide … I encourage those of you in leadership roles to use the Forward! Into the Breach compendium workbook for men’s groups and to pray for a renewal of virtuous masculinity and lively commitment to Christ in Catholic men. When we live this commitment, we realize that no greater adventure exists.”

- Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, May 2016

Men, Do You Want to: 

>> Be part of something big? A great cause? 
>> Take on a challenge, work towards an achievement, in a fraternity and fellowship? 
>> Go on journey that has meaning and purpose? 
>> Protect your family, wife, sons, daughters, and grandchildren?

Then go Forward in faith, and Into the Breach!

Forward! - Into the Breach, written by Anthony J. Castellano, is the Compendium Workbook to “Into the Breach: An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men, my Spiritual Sons in the Diocese of Phoenix” an important testimony of faith written by Bishop Thomas Olmsted. 

The Workbook is suitable for both personal and group use, Forward! - Into the Breach contains the complete Apostolic Exhortation ‘Into the Breach’ by Bishop Olmsted, and presents corresponding questions, testimony, and expressions of belief of the Roman Catholic faith that are ideal for discussion, meditation, and prayer.

Read the Prologue.

Read Bishop Olmsted’s Foreword.

Examine the Table of Contents.

Better yet, download the Workbook! It’s FREE!

Since releasing his Apostolic Exhortation in September 2015, it has been clear that Bishop Olmsted’s work has galvanized many Catholic men across the United States and beyond, in a way that is poignant for our time. The lives of men in this 21st century are at a pivotal point. Each man must decide for himself if the reality of revealed truth is something he desires, or not.

Bishop Olmsted’s message to men is compelling - Read it!  Do it!  Live it!


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